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Over the years, the Government has been promoting the Basic Law through civic education, school education and training for civil servants. At the same time, a large number of community-based organisations and individuals have also been actively involved in promoting the Basic Law. In order to step up the promotional efforts further, the Government established in January 1998 a Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee comprising both official and non-official members. The Steering Committee provides the necessary steer on the overall programme and strategy for promoting the Basic Law, and provides an organisational focus for coordinating the efforts of various parties concerned, both in the Government and in the community.
The Steering Committee has decided to direct its promotional efforts at five target groups, namely, the local community, teachers and students, the civil service, overseas audiences including overseas visitors to Hong Kong and the industrial, commercial and professional sectors. Our aim is to establish a firm and broad foundation on the public understanding of the Basic Law and at the same time, to identify achievable objectives and to formulate action plans for our enhanced promotional efforts for the identified target groups. The Steering Committee also sees the need to reach out to overseas audiences to inform them of the principle of "one country, two systems" and how it works in practice, as well as the guarantees provided for in the Basic Law.
This Basic Law Homepage is one of our means to reach out to local and overseas audiences, particularly with young people in mind.

Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee

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