Working Group on Community Outside Hong Kong

Official Members

representative from Information Services Department
representative from Department of Justice

Non-official Members

Mrs Viola CHAN MAN Yee-wai, BBS
Mr Stanley CHOI Tak-shing, JP
Miss FANG Xin
Mr Vincent LAM Tak-hing
Ms Carol WONG, Barrister

Terms of Reference

  1. To review the strategies for promoting the Basic Law to the overseas audience from time to time according to prevailing circumstances, and report any necessary changes to the Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee for endorsement.
  2. To co-ordinate action by and provide support services to the Economic and Trade Offices, government departments and other briefers to promote the Basic Law overseas.
  3. To monitor, evaluate and review activities for promoting the Basic Law overseas and report progress to the Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee on a regular basis.
  4. To consider and approve allocation of resources made available to the working group, if any.
  5. To foster co-operation and exchange of experience with community organizations, where appropriate.