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bullet 01 Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau
(for materials on the Sino-British Joint Liaison Group and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's participation in international organisations)
bullet 01 Registration and Electoral Office
(for information on the Legislative Council and District Council elections)
bullet 01 Department of Justice
(for the Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and international treaties that apply to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)
bullet 01 Judiciary
(for judgments, determinations and decisions of the Court of Final Appeal)
bullet 01 Civic Education Resources available from the Education Bureau
(Chinese version only)
(for multi-media materials, courseware and reference books on civic education in schools)
bullet 01 National Flag and National Emblem and Regional Flag and Regional Emblem
bullet 01 Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education
bullet 01 Civil Service Bureau
(Assessment of Basic Law knowledge in civil service recruitment)
bullet 01 Working Group on Industrial, Commercial and Professional Sectors, Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee